• Few Tips to Get Maximum Results from Your Training

    Personal Training

    If you have joined any gym at South Bay then you expect to get good results after your training. Afterall you are spending your money and time.

    We discussed with one South Bay personal trainer and he offered following tips to get best results from your training.

    • Avoid chit chatting

    Though it is nice to have few friends in the gym so that you can have lively conversation, constant chit chatting may distract you from your efforts.

    • Reach in time

    More you are late, you are wasting the time of your trainer who must have planned number of things lined up for you. Trainer may like to spend more time in warm up exercise.

    • Respect the stopwatch

    Trainer must have specified you, certain timings and breaks in between. Follow those timings as indicated by stopwatch.

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    • Follow your diet chart

    Your workout can bring good results only if you couple it with healthy and nutritious diet as suggested to you. This will make lots of differences in the result.

    • Be positive

    Avoid saying no, when your trainer suggests you any difficult new exercise. If you try to find different excuses for not doing difficult exercise then your trainer will also be disappointed with you.

    • Keep faith on your trainer

    Do not indulge in argument with the trainer. If any trainer is advising you something based on his experience then accept his suggestion.

    • Sleep well

    It is necessary to have enough rest along with exercise to get the best results. So, go to bed on time and sleep well.…

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